Welcome to Dog Soldiers

Dog Soldiers was the realisation of a group of friends from Plymouth who originally started playing paintball together in 2002. The group consisted of 4 players who regularly attended walk on games at the clubs founding site – “The Wargame Company” in Tavistock, Devon. Over the course of 2-3 years all of the original members became marshal’s at the site and regularly played games each month. It was here that we cut our teeth under the tutelage of our gaffer Kev “Old Git” Little, and his military approach to paintball struck a chord which has formed the basis of our operations to date. In 2008 the group discovered their first scenario paintball game at “Staargate” in Wakefield and only a few short weeks later, after getting hooked on the “big game” format, attended their second event at “Battle of the Bulge” in the south of the UK. In January 2009 the Dog Soldiers were born.